If you have yellow dull teeth, contact us for Cosmetic Dental Treatment and rejuvenate yourself by smile correction & smile designing with procedures like Zoom teeth whitening, Porcelain veneers, gap closures, fixed teeth replacement, instant smile makeovers, metal free crowns/bridges, ceramic inlays and composites to replace ugly metal fillings, protruded or crooked teeth correction, gummy smile correction, discolored teeth, dental jewellery (crystals) etc.

  Cosmetic dental problems and their treatment :

Missing teeth : can be replaced by implants , fixed bridge or removable denture.
Discoloration of teeth :
(a) External discoloration of teeth can be due to Smoking, chewing tobacco, deposition of calculus due to lack of proper brushing and due to certain regular usage of staining food and beverages. These stains can be removed by scaling and polishing.
(b) Internal discoloration of teeth can be due to disturbance during tooth formation stage in childhood like excessive fluoride intake usually in drinking water, trauma to teeth during childhood, use of antibiotics like tetracycline, vitamin defficiency , hereditary reasons, long term use of tobacco/smoking etc. Treatment options would be either teeth whitening by bleaching, veneers or crowns.
Gaps between teeth : can be treated by composite veneers, ceramic veneers, braces or ceramic crowns
Cavities : can be treated with tooth colored shade matched composites. Old silver amalgam fillings can be replaced by composites.
Crooked teeth : can be treated by braces, veneers or ceramic crowns.
Cracked and chipped off teeth : can be treated by tooth re-contouring, composites or veneers.
Gummy Smile : can be treated by laser.
If you want to get rid of all your cosmetic dental problems, we are here to do the Best Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Delhi and assure you long lasting results.

Best Teeth Whitening In Delhi

Arora’s Dental Clinic is the user of ZOOM which is a world class premium teeth whitening system . It is a safe and effective procedure by which stained, yellow, dull teeth can be whitened to give a brighter, dazzling smile. It can change the tooth color anywhere from 5 to 7 even up to 12 shades brighter when compared to other systems. We do the Best Teeth Whitening in Delhi because we give your teeth added benefits in one hour like Stain Removal , Active Calcium Remineralization and Fluoride coating .

Teeth Whitening Procedure :

Your gums are carefully protected with a special covering, then a unique hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied on your teeth for fifteen minutes. The Zoom light which acts as an accelerator is directed on to the teeth. The molecular bonds of the stains are broken down.

Zoom Teeth Whitening is superior to other light activated systems as its light with different wavelength and frequency activates special photo receptors. We use Zoom Teeth Whitening System because it is superior to other light activated systems as it has a special kit to improve luster and strength of enamel apart from just whitening.

Porcelain Veneers & Crowns:

Dr.Aman Arora one of the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi does porcelain veneers and crowns for Discolored teeth, Crooked teeth and Spacing between teeth.
Slight tooth structure is removed from all around the tooth if crown (full coverage) is to be fabricated, and just from the visible outer surface if veneer (partial coverage) is to be fabricated .
Crowns are more retentive than veneers because of the more surface area covered and the grip they take over the tooth, can be made of either entirely of the most aesthetic material, metal free porcelain or porcelain fused to metal (PFM crowns). However, veneers have to be made up entirely of either composite or porcelain.

Cosmetic Tooth Colored Fillings:

How a Tooth Decays ?

For Stages of Tooth Decay please refer to our page...Read more

Procedure of Filling a Cavity:

Decayed part of tooth / cavity is cleaned and composite tooth colored filling material ( Brands like 3M and GC) which is a combination of glass & acrylic resin is filled following the correct protocol. The material is available in different shades and is used to perfectly match with the natural color of your tooth.
Dental fillings done at Arora’s Dental Clinic are of very superior quality with importance given to high strength, great bonding with the tooth structure, ultimate shade matching. Above all, the skilled job is a must to do the Best Cosmetic Dental Treatment which results in everlasting fillings .

Discolored teeth:

Correction of Mottling of Teeth:

Spacing between teeth :

Chipped off tooth :

Crooked teeth :

Missing teeth :